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About us

We are committed to providing you with your most memorable vacation yet.

Encore Charters provides single day boat tours in the Virgin Islands aboard a World Cat 32. The tour comes with a private boat captain, ready to cater to whatever activities you and your party desire from a Virgin Island vacation.​

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about the boat


World Cat 32’2″
Beam: 10’6″
Hull Draft: 16″
Freeboard Aft: 28″
Transom Height: 25″
Fuel Capacity: 279 gal (2 x 139.5)
Max HP Rating: 800 HP (2 x 400 HP)
Approx. Dry Weight*: 10,100 lbs w/ twin 300’s
Trailering Height**: 10’6″
Bridge Clearance: 9’0″
Cockpit Length: 54″
Freshwater Capacity: 20 gal
Wastewater Capacity: 15 gal
Typical Cruise***: 28.3 mph / 1.47 mpg
Typical WOT***: 52.2 mph / 1.0 mpg


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